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Spencer Mills, DVM

I am a small animal veterinarian who is dedicated to helping further educate pet owners. This site was formed to help answer in-depth questions that I am asked by my clients on a weekly basis through my weekly Blog and Videos.

Most pet owners never get enough time to really talk in-depth and be educated properly by their veterinarians, so we will be covering the topics that you want. In addition, many pet owners don’t have a medical background and I hear it many times that they left the vet’s office confused. Don’t worry, these articles will be written so that everyone can follow along! We will be publishing weekly pet parent articles covering a broad variety of topics.

Have a pet topic you want to see featured in the blog? Send us an email at info@drspencermills.com and we will make sure to cover it!!

In addition, due to numerous requests I have received on social media I have decided to offer one-on-one Skype Consultations about your individual pet and their needs as well!

Dr. Spencer Mills